Don’t just make a difference, make the right difference – and do it successfully.

We choose to work exclusively with clients of commitment and integrity to create decisive, impactful campaigns and build new market opportunities.

Successful execution involves…

  • Environmental Due Diligence – Before you launch your campaign it is vital that your solution will stand up to public scrutiny. Is it vulnerable to attack? Can it be defended?
  • Stakeholder analysis and engagement – Which opinion builders do you need on your side? How can customers get on board? Which policy makers can be your champion?
  • Campaign strategy – Bunker time spent digesting research and mapping your campaign will transform its effectiveness. We guide you through the process.
  • Execution – With an international network spanning four decades, we play a hands-on role in informing and influencing your audience – from one on one meetings with policy makers and journalists to broader media and market initiatives.